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What is this site and these blogs all about?

I am hooked on seeing the world, from The Circus Maximus to the stunning volcanic lakes of The Azores.  Every day, I look for what experience is next, and I thought - 'Why not share my passion with you?' and inspire you to see the world. So -  I'll blog the best deals I can find from a UK airport for travel in exactly two months time from the date of posting..either a city break or an 'off the beaten track' deal. I will upload a deal as often as time allows!

Why exactly two months?

Do you find yourself looking at your next holiday before you have landed from your last? I do! 

Inevitably due to changing costs and commmitments - I tend to book two months from departure - and this is when I believe you can find the best deals. e.g. Do you have leave booked for June 16th? Why not check out my blog on April 16th?

Why should you follow me?

I live to travel - My life is consumed by - Where Next?

I spend hours looking for my own benefit. So why not share these opportunities with you? I want every one to broaden their horizons, whether it be a short trip to Warsaw to taste the iconic pierogis or a trip to Igazu Falls to experience the most incredible 'assault' on the senses. I also love my photography (very amateur!) - most of the pictures on this site are from my travels.

Who am I?

Who Am I?

Can you not tell yet ? I am an extremely a keen traveller! And want others to see and experience all the world has to offer at affordable prices; prices that are not too disimilair from, for example, the usual Costa Del Somewhere. Since leaving school - I always had a burning desire to see the world. I was fortunate enough to go travelling after University, and with my wife sharing the same passion we have explored South America (Brazil, Argentina, Peru), Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, US, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Qatar, Dubai, The Carribbean, The Azores, Portugal, Italy (Dolomites, Venice, Rome, Siena, Florence & the Vatican) , France, Czech Rep, Latvia, Iceland, Spain, England, Scotland (Inc Hebrides), Wales, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden and most recently Poland. Next Up - Malta!

My Ultimate Aim for HotFoot It

I would like to expand the offers - making it easier for explorers to find the best deal on a larger scale from as many UK airports as possible. I believe that numerous travellers and holidaymakers settle for somewhere they have been before, or that have the 'Irish Bar' as it is always a bargain!' But - bargains are out there, at similair prices, to more exotic, exciting, and inspiring places - and this is the purpose of HotFoot It; to encourage you to experience something or somewhere else.  I will publish a deal as often as I can. I hope, with your support, to build on this blog and create a travel business with the focus on holiday deals to inspire people to see the world

Do I receive fees & the small print

No! - HotFoot It does not partner with nor recieve any referral fees from any site. Our motivation is to 'inspire you to see the world' at a brilliant price. All prices detailed are accurate at the time of posting.  The majority of the photos are my own but do not necessarily relate to the deal. 


Please contact me using the form below if you have used a deal or found it useful. I will only know how popular this is if you tell me! Thank you.

Please Note - Pictures accompanying deals may not be of the destination.

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